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 Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800

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Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800 Empty
Bài gửiTiêu đề: Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800   Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 8:46 am

Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800 Fantastic-flame-screensaver

Machine translation:
What is this - Fantastic Flame Screensaver?

This award-winning screensaver generates a realistic fire effect. The flame
is context sensitive, so each item on your desktop - including icons
and all open windows - will appear to catch on fire, glowing and
emitting a smoke effect.

Features screensaver
Fantastic Flame Screensaver fire burning screenshot
'Doom 3' background with 'Autumn Orange' fire style

Fantastic Flame Screensaver fire burning screenshot
'Skull and Snakes' background with' Sea and Spindrift 'fire style

Fantastic Flame Screensaver fire burning screenshot
"High Tension" with history "Blue Blood" fire style

* True mathematical algorithm of the screensaver generates a very realistic real-time fire effects.
An unlimited number of combinations of colors of fire. FANTASTIC really
draws! Fire additional parameters such as speed and direction of the
wind gust and burning intensity.
* Flexible system defaults. A lot of ready fire styles is included.
* The screensaver includes an editor comfortable with fire effects in real time, called a preview.
* 'Random' fire style. You never get tired of watching!
* A lot of fire backgrounds awesome!
Changing the flame styles and background images periodically in
full-screen mode. A pretty nice effect - burning images to other ones!
Nice fire sound. There are 9 different fire sounds to choose from. Be
aware! Your clients may think you have a great camp fire in your house!
(Of course, you are able to turn the sound off!).
* Ability to
choose any music to play while the screensaver is running full screen.
Listen to your favorite tunes with the sound of fire in the background!
One look and relax! Some music titles are included.
* You can take snapshots of your burning desktop anytime. Get screenshots fire with a key!
Controlling the screensaver in full-screen mode. Turning fire sound and
music on / off, next load flame styles and backgrounds, and even change
the fire intensity and direction of wind available!
* Full dual monitor support. Danger! Fire around!
A special feature that allows the launch Fantastic Flame Screensaver
anytime you want by pressing a hotkey. Let's scare your friend!
* And finally, Fantastic Flame Screensaver loads your system less than most animated 3D screensavers.
Size: 5 MB

link here-touch me!

for you, a thousand times and over!!!!!!
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Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.0.0.800
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